Year end is coming quickly and I am busy finishing things, writing New Year’s cards, and even preparing for next year.

Today I was looking at Puffin’s attendance attendance and it is interesting to note that 11 people still have perfect attendance since April!!! That is really good compared to usual.

Seven children have perfect attendance and this is usual but two juku student’s still have not missed a class. This is very unusual AND these students are both in the same class. I am also impressed that two adults still have perfect attendance. One has achieved perfect attendance once or twice before. The other has never had perfect attendance. If she can make it until the end of March it will be her first time!! It’s also interesting that these ladies have birthdays very close together. Maybe Capricorns are more likely to not be absent??


今日出席を見っていました。4月から11人の出席がperfectです!子供は7人で 中学英会話塾2人 と大人2人です。 塾と大人のパーフェクト出席は雌らしいです。後3月いっぱいまでできるかな?皆さん風邪ひかないように頑張って今年度perfectになりますように。。。